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Just Released!  For over 4 years the filmmaker has been visiting an art class at the Dallas County Jail and talking to women who are incarcerated. The film shows how this art class has built many women’s self-confidence, allowed them to reflect on their past and given them hope to take the next step to plan for their future.  Using the shoe as their life’s metaphor helped the women tell their stories.

A powerful tool for anyone working in the criminal justice system or who is in jail or re-entering and needs hope and motivation.


“Powerful! It made me see incarcerated women in a new way. This film made me feel and re-think the way I have viewed people in jail. I heard their voices and saw them as Mothers, Daughters, Wives.” Ann Pascal

“Amazing. Inspirational. Truth in a new form. Soul to SoleShoes provide a new connection to bring forth the stories of past and healing.

As I sit in my purple uggs, I think of shoes of my past that no longer serve who I am. I am in awe of your work and what you have created.”
Chaplain Bonnie Leopold

Very powerful.   Breaks my heart to hear the stories BUT brightens my spirit and heart to see their  determination to overcome the challenges facing them – as mothers, daughters, sisters, wives – women.   And I was alsosurprised by the variety of shoes and their responses  – from sandals, flip flops and tennis shoes, to high heels, uggs and boots.  I never thought about my shoes like this and when I do…… wow….. 
Y. Denise Caldwell

That was such a wonderful film and I know first hand that the ladies in the video are so thankful for the transformative experience they had in those art classes. This film is so necessary, beautiful, and powerful.
Sarah Billingsley




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